The Yellow Marble [Audiobook]

by Animal Pharma

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The Yellow Marble - a short audiobook by Animal Pharma.


released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Animal Pharma Melbourne, Australia

I'm Animal Pharma.

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Track Name: Page 1
The Earth once flowed with deep blue oceans and fruitful trees. When the bright sun set behind the big mountains, city towers would twinkle with the smiling moon and the stars in the sky, and gave light in the darkness.

But the sun grew bigger and bigger, and the Earth grew hotter and drier until one day the trees shed every leaf and the deep blue oceans dried up. The cities fell to the ground and turned into dust, and all was covered with sand.

The sun was so huge that Earth became a great desert, and it was so bright that it was always daytime and never night. The moon no longer smiled and nobody had seen a twinkling star for many years.

The people of Earth were unhappy because they were thirsty, hungry and very tired. But one day, a giant star-ship appeared in the sky and star-people came out to meet everyone. The star-people were very friendly and they wanted to take everybody to their planet where they could be happy.

The new planet flowed with deep blue oceans and sprung with fruitful trees like the Earth once did. So, every tribe of Earth began making their way to the star-ship. Some people didn’t have to walk far, but others traveled great distances.
Track Name: Page 2
Androy was riding on his companion - Anatole the talking banthee. Banthees are large, shaggy animals with floppy ears and big humps. The two were travelling through the desert when they saw a sparkle in the pale blue sky. It was as if a star was born in the empty heavens, because no one had seen one in many years.

‘Look! It’s a star!’ said Androy.

‘It’s a star-ship,’ said Anatole, ‘a gigantic ship that travels through outer space. I’ve heard that friendly people have arrived in it.’

‘Why are they here?’ asked the boy.

And so Anatole told him what he had heard, that the star-people had offered to share their own planet with the sad people of Earth.

‘Is there any room for us?’ asked Androy.

‘Yes! But the star-ship is very far away, so we must travel long across this desert to reach it’ said the banthee.

And so, the two friends started their journey across the desert.
Track Name: Page 3
The sun was high and it was very hot. The desert was very empty and blew with sand, but suddenly, they came upon a giant wheel peeking from out of the dust.

‘What’s that?’ asked Androy.

‘That was the London Eye – a Ferris wheel that people rode. This is where people had fun.’

The boy smiled, watching the giant, rusty Ferris wheel from the comfort of Anatole’s humps.

‘Anatole, will we have fun where we are going?’ asked the boy.

‘I hope so,’ replied the banthee.
Track Name: Page 4
Time past as they continued on their way. In the distance, a giant tower was peeking from out of the sand. Androy and Anatole came closer.

‘What is that?’ asked the boy.

‘That was the Eiffel Tower. This is where people fell in love.’

Androy smiled as they passed it by.

‘Anatole, will there be love where we are going?’

‘I hope so,’ replied the banthee.
Track Name: Page 5
The sparkle in the sky blinked over the dry valleys, with winds howling like slaves. Androy then spotted strange peaks through the sandy winds.

‘Are those mountains?’ asked Androy.

‘No. Those are the great pyramids of Giza. This is where the old kings sleep.’

‘I’m tired,’ said the boy, ‘can I sleep for awhile?’

‘Of course you can. Sleep, my king,’ said Anatole.

Androy yawned and closed his eyes. They moved on through the desert.
Track Name: Page 6
Anatole walked for quite some time as the boy slept until they arrived at an impressive sight. Huge structures of white marble appeared through the desert dust and a great dome lay near in the sand.

‘Androy, look!’

The boy awoke, rubbed his eyes and looked.

‘Wow! What is that?’

‘This, Androy, was the Taj Mahal,’ explained the banthee, ‘this was built to remember lost loved ones.’

‘Will we find our loved ones where we are going?’ asked Androy.

'I hope so, Androy,' replied Anatole.

The boy smiled and hugged his companion’s hump as they past by.
Track Name: Page 7
After awhile, the sand-floor grew softer and slippery. The boy jumped on the ground, which was decorated in colourful ornaments.

‘Are these fallen stars?’ asked Androy as he picked one up.

‘Close, those are starfish, Androy,’ replied the banthee.

‘Where do they come from?’

‘They came from the sea. We are walking on a seabed right now. A long time ago, this was a great ocean filled with deep blue water. Many different fish lived here, and people once explored this place on boats.’
Track Name: Page 8
Androy played with his starfish as they traveled on. His attention turned. They came to a tall cliff at the foot of the dry seabed. Carved into the mountain was a massive seated figure.

‘Anatole, what is that? No - who is that?’ asked Androy.

‘This is the Leshan Giant Buddha. A statue of a kind man who lived for peace,’ replied the banthee.

‘Will the people be as kind as him where we are going?’ asked the boy.

‘I hope so,' said Anatole.

And the two friends traveled on, leaving the peaceful man upon his chair as he faded into the sandy winds.
Track Name: Page 9
Now, Androy and Anatole the talking banthee had past far along the hot desert when they had reached a long ruin in the sand.

‘You see where we are walking? This was the Sydney Harbour Bridge. People crossed this bridge everyday over beautiful, shining waters,’ explained Anatole.

‘Wow,’ said the boy.

‘Look over there, Androy. What do you see?’ asked the banthee.

‘Giant seashells, like the little ones on the floor,’ replied the boy as he looked.

‘That was the roof of a great opera house. This is where people sang,’ said Anatole.

Androy smiled.

‘Can we sing where we are going?’

‘I hope so,’ replied the banthee.
Track Name: Page 10
By now, the sparkle in the sky was bigger because the two friends had travelled a very long way. Androy and Anatole knew they were in a different land as they passed strange things carved out of stone.

‘What are those? They look like heads!’

‘You’re right, Androy. These are called moai,’ replied the banthee, ‘a long time ago, this place was an island. These statues protected its people from the traffic of the sea.’

‘Will we be protected where we are going?’ asked the boy.

‘I hope so,’ said the banthee.

They past hundreds of moai and walked on through the desert.
Track Name: Page 11
Androy and Anatole the talking banthee had now walked very far through the desert planet. The sparkle, which from afar appeared as the only star left in the heavens, was now so near that the ship could now be seen. Many, many people marching tiredly in separate Earthling tribes could be seen making their way, from every direction, to the star-ship hovering over a mountain.

‘We’re almost there, Androy!’ said Anatole.

The boy smiled happily as they ventured through the hot dust.

They crossed the last plateau. Soon, with the remaining tribes of Earth, the two friends went up the mountain. The star-ship was enormous: triangular and luminescent, giving such radiant glow that it could be seen in the sky anywhere on Earth. The Earthlings numbered in the thousands as they moved their way up the steepness towards the great ship.

Finally, Androy and Anatole the talking banthee arrived at their destination. The mountaintop was full of people but Androy noticed another giant structure standing tall at the foot of the enormous star-ship.

‘We’re here, Anatole! How Beautiful! But what is that huge statue beneath it? Who is it?’

‘That is the statue of Jesus Christ – a man who died for the world,’ replied Anatole.
Track Name: Page 12
At that moment, the door of the great ship opened and its people emerged from beams of light.

These beings looked like lizards but were tall, standing on two feet and clad in rich robes. They greeted the Earthlings on the mountain.

‘Don't be afraid, my friends. This planet was once a beautiful place. Your ancestors were our friends. But we have foreseen your trouble, planning your rescue for a very long time, and now we invite you to share our planet, Armageddon, where you will be safe,’ the star-people said on the mountain. And so, Androy and Anatole the talking banthee, along with all the tribes of Earth, gathered with everything they had and entered the great ship. The star-ship gleamed with thick light and lifted up. It lifted high into the air, and at last, left behind the sands of Earth forever.

Exhausted, Anatole finally sat down by a window to rest. Androy cuddled up next to his large, shaggy friend and gazed out the window at all the wonders of outer space.

‘Stars! So many of them!’ cheered the boy, ‘hey, what is that yellow marble outside the window?’

‘That is Earth. That was our home,’ replied the banthee.

‘But will we make a home where we are going, Anatole?’ asked the boy.

‘I hope so,’ replied Anatole, ‘I hope so.’